10 of the best email marketing tips

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on December 27, 2018

Email marketing is one of the highest ways to convert your prospects into leads. Email marketing helps you connect with your clients to promote your services and products, ultimately increasing sales.
You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell your services, share news or helpful information. Which is why we've spent some time putting together 10 of the best tips for email marketing that we can share with you. 
1. Avoid Using Your Company Name As The Sender Field 
Your emails will look far more personal if they are sent from an account that looks human rather than just your company name or a noreply@, sales@ or info@ email address. If you still want to include your company name you could put both, like Eleanor | Zedsphere in the sender field. 
2. Personalise As Much As Possible 
Your clients want to feel special and valued so personalising your emails as much as possible will definitely help you to get more opens. This could be to include a first name token in the email subject line, as well in the email body - but why not get creative and include a company name, product/service they were looking at, how long they've been a customer etc. 
3. Powerful Call-To-Actions 
Your emails and in particular your call-to-actions should drive your readers to take action. Using a mix of powerful words and different buttons or link text can help to greatly increase your click through rates. 
4. Experiment With Sending Times & Days 
Many studies have come to the conclusion that Tuesday is the best day for sending emails, closely followed by Thursday - and best sending times range from 6am, 10am to 8pm. It's great for you to experiment yourself with what works well for your readers. 
5. Keep It Simple & To The Point
Try not to overload your readers with too much information, keep it simple and brief whilst making it sound exciting. Try not to put too many messages or points in one email, have one main point that is the clear purpose of your email. 
6. Include Your Call-To-Action At Multiple Points
You might include your call-to-action as a button at the end of your email as standard, but why not include a clickable image or hyperlinked text as well. Giving your reader multiple options to head over to your landing page is bound to create greater click through rates. Just make sure you only have ONE call to action. 
7. Sell Benefits Not Features 
You should try to put your reader first in every situation, and email is the same. Try to avoid selling based on your features such as "a shiny new firewall" but rather "enhanced security for your office with our firewall option". 
Make sure your emails recipients stick to the guidelines of GDPR. It's as simple as that. 
9. Ensure Your Message Is Consistent Through To Your Landing Page
If you've ensured that your message is powerful and clear throughout your email then it should follow through with your landing page. 
10. Mobile Friendly 
In all industries, there will be a percentage of your readers that view your emails on their mobile. It's best practice to make sure your emails are readable on mobile devices. How much time you spend on optimising mobile viewing should depend on the percentage of mobile readers. 
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