25 Call-To-Action Examples For You To Steal

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 19, 2018

Your call-to-actions that are placed on your website are the ultimate drivers for potential customers to take a specific action that’s relevant to their stage of the conversion funnel. CTA's are designed to inspire your audience to take action, so it's important that you test out a number of call-to-actions to see which are the most effective. 
We've put together a list of 25 call-to-actions that we have used and tested ourselves, so that you can steal them for yourself! 
1. Sign Up 
2. Register For Free 
3. Schedule A Call 
4. Subscribe Now 
5. Get Started 
6. Request Pricing 
7. Give [name] A Try 
8. Join Today 
9. Let's Start 
10. Chat With Us 
11. Download Now
12. Click Here
13. Next Steps 
14. Request A Call Back 
15. Work With Us 
16. Let's Get Started 
17. Ask The Experts 
18. Find Out More 
19. Register Your Interest 
20. Talk To Us
21. Get The Datasheet [or other offering]  
22. Learn More 
23. Explore Services 
24. Solutions For [type of customer
25. Read Full Report 
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