3 easy ways to simplify GDPR compliance

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 26, 2019

With the increasing awareness of data security and breaches, and the first GDPR fines coming through, businesses are pressing their IT suppliers for more strategic advice.

This is not business that IT Providers can turn away from and in many ways it becomes a major opportunity for further engagement, to attract new business, to
differentiate and expand markets.

GDPR or more generally, compliance-as-a-service may seem daunting for IT Providers and that's why we've put together 3 easy ways for you to simplify it. 

1. Have a simple process to follow for getting your clients compliant, so it's easy and repeatable 

You need a simple process that you can follow for your clients to get them compliant with GDPR. It might look something like this: 

  • Recording the data processing activities that take place in your clients organisation (you can also easily put together a list of some typical/standard activities that will help you to speed up this process) 
  • Create Article 30 records, processor register and transfer register 
  • Putting together a gap analysis so you can see which areas need the most focus
  • Updating policies & procedures
  • Staff training

Whatever your process is, have it written down so that it becomes a checklist for you to work with. This will allow you to methodically work through your process and break it down into sections. 

Keepabl - Compliance-as-a-Service

2. Get ready-made policy templates written by experts that you can tailor for your clients

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, policies & procedures are the backbone of any governance system. Much of GDPR is new, so your clients may not have policies and procedures on areas such as DPIAs, the new Data Subject Requests, and Personal Data Breaches.

Keepabl’s Privacy Policy Pack is 30 documents giving you all you need to get your clients compliant with the GDPR and the UK e-Privacy Regulations. You can easily tailor the documents to suit your clients, with their branding and to reflect their business practices.

Keepabl Learn More

Combine them into one, or combine some into other pre-existing documents depending on what works for your clients. When your clients have adopted them, keep training records to demonstrate staff’s raised awareness & competence.

3. Use a multi-tenanted cloud platform like Keepabl to easily track compliance for all your clients

Keepabl has a clean, familiar interface that makes privacy management simple and your life easier too.  You need something to help you get the job done with confidence as quickly and simply as possible. Keepabl lets you quickly get to grips with GDPR, and easily offer compliance-as-a-service for your clients.

Keepabl was designed from the ground up to allow and empower IT Providers to become trusted advisers to their clients for all privacy and compliance issues.  IT Providers can switch between client’s accounts on a multi-tenanted console and determine who gets to see what in the service – it is the customer’s data after all. 

See how Keepabl's automated compliance platform makes it easier than ever for IT Providers to offer compliance-as-a-service.



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