3 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 22, 2018

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So you're writing blog content and nobody is reading it? It's time to promote your blog posts in the best possible ways so that you can convert more visitors into prospects (or nurture leads with valuable content!). 
We've put together our top three ways of promoting blog content to your audience and prospective customers. 
1. Blog Digest Emails 
If you're sending out emails consistently, you can include blog digests into your strategy in order to promote your blog content. Choose 3-4 of your best and most relevant posts for your audience and put them together in an email. This could be done per week, fortnightly or monthly.  Make sure to include visual content and engaging blog titles/headers and call-to-actions. 
2. Share On Social Media Channels 
Share your content on your social media channels! Firstly, decide which platforms your audience is most active on and then decide how often you will share blog content. You don't want to come across too spammy but you can share the same blog post on multiple occasions. Try to limit blog sharing to every other day or add in other content to make sure there are varied social media posts
3. Enable Your Sales Team To Share Content With Prospects 
Your sales team are the ones engaging with your prospective customers the most, so if you enable them to be able to share your blog content then it's more than likely it will be read. If you prospects keep asking about a particular service/query/interest then why not explain it in a blog post. This will also save your sales team from keep repeating themselves over again and gives them another reason to call back to ask 'did you read that blog post I sent you, did you find it useful?'. 
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