3 ways to sell BDR to your clients

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on September 23, 2019

Backup and disaster recovery services stand as a staple for most IT Services Providers today, but sometimes partners leave a lot of money on the table when pricing and packaging their solutions.

While backup and disaster recovery services should be among the most profitable that a partner can offer, the level of profitability will be driven by how the offering is priced and packaged. Here are 3 different ways to sell BDR to your clients.

1. As Part Of Your Complete Offering

High-performing IT Services Providers find that baking backup and disaster recovery services into a comprehensive managed service offering can greatly reduce the cost of selling a BDR service.

Under this approach, you can offer BDR as a standard option, and clients may not unwisely elect for lower cost and incomplete protection. When BDR services are a standard component of an offering, they become effective tools to offer and deliver on a phenomenal service-level agreement guarantee. 

Why it works for your clients: 

  • Single point of contact for all IT issues
  • SLA assurances that if something goes wrong, the provider will be there to take care of them
  • Predictable, fixed price per month

Why it works for your business: 

  • Client sees a total solution - not line items
  • Predictable, fixed price per month

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2. As A Wedge Offering To Widen Network & Client List

On the other end of the spectrum, some IT Providers completely unbundle BDR services and use the simplicity of the offering as a strategic foot in the door for new clients. In this model, BDR becomes a very useful business building tool.

Organisations that can offer superior BDR services and solve a client’s particular pain around data protection and uptime will be well positioned to take on more managed services opportunities for client.

Why it works for your clients: 

  • Simple to buy
  • Get exactly what they need from a BDR perspective

Why it works for your business: 

  • Very simple to sell
  • Excellent for high-growth businesses

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3. Offer A Menu Of Bundled Service Offerings

Partners can also consider developing a hybrid of the two techniques as above, where BDR isn’t necessarily offered as a point-product but it isn’t part of a comprehensive bundle, either. Instead, the alternative is to have a base package, with a whole host of additional, a la carte add-on service options.

This approach with a core offering, plus many customisation options, is meant to counter the all-or-nothing dilemma faced with a comprehensive bundle approach. This approach depends on truly listening to the needs of clients, and tailoring services.

Why it works for your clients: 

  • More flexibility in pricing and scoping of requirements
  • Less likely to pay for what they don't need

Why it works for your business: 

  • Faster sales cycle than the bundled approach
  • Less likely to overbundle and overcommit
All three of these models vary greatly from each other, but what they have in common is that they see BDR as more than a mere SKU to be resold. Instead, BDR provides an opportunity to grow business, build up higher margin services and differentiate oneself in a crowded market.

Axcient is a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery service delivered to IT Service Providers, empowering them to offer end-to-end business continuity services to their clients.
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