4 Ways BitTitan Takes The Complexity Out Of Your Migration Projects

by Eshah Toona, on October 8, 2018

BitTitan MigrationWiz, the fully automated, 100% SaaS migration solution allows MSPs and IT professionals to migrate email and other data from nearly any source to any destination, as seamlessly as possible.


Managed Service Providers love MigrationWiz because it minimises frustration and time with its easy to use interface and navigation. You don’t need to have any specialised training or install any software, MigrationWiz just gets the job done with zero downtime.

And if you’re still not convinced, here’s the top 4 ways BitTitan MigrationWiz takes the complexity out of your migration projects.

1. Speed

No specialised training or certifications are necessary when you're completing a migration with BitTitan MigrationWiz. Plus, there is no hardware or software to install and maintain. 

2. Automation 

The best part of BitTitan MigrationWiz is that it’s fully automated so you have time to focus on what’s important: managing customers and their expectations. You can initiate and run cloud and on-premises migrations from one centralised dashboard. 

3. Efficiency 

With BitTitan MigrationWiz, there is zero interruption and zero downtime for your clients. Put simply, there is zero impact on end users and it is far more efficient than manual migrations. Migrate from anywhere to anywhere—at any time. 

4. Scalability 

BitTitan MigrationWiz is an enterprise-grade product designed to scale on-demand. MigrationWiz also helps MSPs to reduce the staffing required to perform these operations from requiring all heads to a single engineer, and minimal post-migration support staff.

If you would like to find out more about BitTitan MigrationWiz visit our features page and view the pricing options for the migration bundles. 



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