5 principles of customer success

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on June 3, 2019

Customer success

The aim of your customer success strategy should be to delight your clients, creating positive customer experiences with your company and brand. In order to do this, you will need to go beyond giving your client what they expect and surprise them with your service at every opportunity. 
Here are our 5 principles of customer delight for you to use in your IT Service business:
1. Be a trusted adviser
Be transparent about what you do and what you don't do. Have your ideal customer profile and be open with your customers when a product or service isn't the most suitable for them - they will appreciate your honesty and respect your opinion in the future. 
2. Listen to feedback
Discover ways to ask your customers for feedback and actively take it on board, share any feedback with your whole team and demonstrate how you are implementing useful suggestions. Always encourage honesty and engage with your customers as much as possible. Trustpilot is a great way to pick up reviews, whilst implementing a Net Promoter Score programme will help you to build a roadmap for improvement. 
3. Watch your response times
Your response time is the most important when making the first contact with a potential client and you should always try and contact any lead within 5 minutes. Any correspondence you have with a client should be as timely as possible, even if you're working on something - just drop them a note to let them know you'll be in touch soon. 
4. Human point of contact 
Putting a face to a name is crucial in gaining trust with your clients, it's time to get personal. Try adding your photo to the bottom of your email signature, request a connection on LinkedIn and avoid using general inboxes such as sales@ or support@ as much as possible! 
5. Go beyond what's expected
Customer delight is about surprising your customers and going beyond what is expected, particularly focusing on building one-to-one relationships. No matter what size of Managed Service business you run, there is always a way to make your client feel special. You could run personalised offers or exclusive events but there are little things that can help too, such as being flexible and listening to what your customer really wants. 
Successful customer delight approaches positively impact on customer loyalty and customer experience - as well as reducing negative word-of-mouth. 
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