5 Reasons To Deploy Untangle NG Firewall Through Public Cloud

by Milosz Szalczynski, on April 8, 2020

Sky with Clouds
Network security has grown more complex as the network perimeter has changed and grown.  The traditional approach of firewalls at each physical location with separate networks has now morphed into a unified network approach connecting headquarters, satellite offices and remote workers.
In order to achieve seamless network security and management across dispersed locations, organisations have turned to the public cloud and firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS).
Untangle NG Firewall provides a simple and secure way for MSPs to implement a cloud-connected infrastructure for their clients. NG Firewall secures cloud-connected networks both on-premise and in the public cloud to enable SD-WAN deployments and provide centralised management for complete control over all deployments.

By deploying NG Firewall in the cloud, you can benefit from:

Zero touch provisioning

Untangle has made it easier than ever to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible, giving you the ability to link up your appliance with your Command Centre before it's even plugged in. You can do this by adding the serial number from the appliance to it.

If you already have an operational Untangle Firewall, you can copy that configuration on to your new ones, making installation quick, easy and hassle free.


NG Firewall inspects all traffic bi-directionally with layer 7 application profiling, advanced malware detection powered by ScoutIQthreat intelligence, intrusion prevention, web and application filtering, and full bandwidth shaping.

With many more applications to customise your network for optimum security, the possibilities with cloud deployment are endless. Untangle are very active in their community and do everything to optimise their software to best suit you.

>> How to make the most of your Untangle free 


Manage traffic to meet your uptime five-nines with comprehensive VPN options that work seamlessly with complete bandwidth shaping & optimisation and WAN balancing & failover for network redundancy—making sure your business is never offline.

You can customise your network to prioritise what matters to you and your business. If you use a VOIP system, this will be a perfect step forward to optimise your calls and boost productivity.


NG Firewall is the solution of choice for managing cloud-connected infrastructure, multiple locations, worksites, or customers—ideally suited to the distributed enterprise and managed service providers.

With the Command Centre, you can manage all your Appliances, create master policies to apply across all of them, manage subscriptions and even use it to remote into any of them. At your fingertips, you have the power to do all of this from one portal.

Deep analysis & insights

Gain insights in real time from database-driven reports without the need for a separate appliance. See the network status at a glance on the dashboard, ensure compliance with full event logs, and get notifications of network anomalies or unusual user behaviour with alert rules.

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