5 Of The Best Ways To Boost Your SEO Ranking

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 8, 2018

As a Managed Service Provider, the majority of your business is likely to come from referrals or a search online to find a local MSP or a specialised MSP. After you've decided on your keywords that define your Managed Service operation then its time to use these to boost your SEO ranking and start driving organic traffic to your website. 
5 Ways To Immediately Boost Your SEO Ranking
1. Optimise Your Images

Visual content is great for boosting your SEO, but to make sure they impact on your rankings then you need to make sure they are optimised. Try to avoid using large images as this will impact on your page loading time (and ultimately your ranking) - instead just resize or compress them. You can use your images on your website to boost your keywords by using them as your alt-text as well as a caption or description. 
2. Start Blogging

Blogging is great for boosting your website and linking visitors directly to other parts of your website to fill in their details or learn more about your service. Blogs ultimately help your visitors engage better with your website. If you are producing and publishing relevant and fresh content then this will boost your SEO significantly. You can incorporate many elements into your blogs too - keywords, links, images, videos and CTAs.

3. Use Outbound & Inbound Links

Linking your website back to trustworthy sources will help to boost your SEO. Plus, linking back to other pages in your website as internal links will help to direct visitors to other content that will be useful to them. 
4. Fix Your Broken Links

When you're adding internal and outbound links on your website, if these don't work potentially because the page URL has been changed or is now no longer available - it will massively impact on your SEO ranking. Plus, it looks bad when your visitors get redirected to a web page that doesn't work. 
5. Optimise Sites For Mobile Devices 

Many of your readers will be visiting your website from a mobile device, and won't return if they can't read your content easily. Make sure that your website is responsive to mobile devices and tablets for optimum user experience. 
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