7 Benefits Of BitTitan PowerShell for your MSP

by Eshah Toona, on November 6, 2018

Did you know that BitTitan offers PowerShell support for MigrationWiz?  Speed up migration execution and experience easier migration project management in MigrationWiz.

If you're unfamiliar with PowerShell, we've put together a quick list of benefits it offers for your Managed Service Operation: 

1. Audit Trail 

There are many tasks where having an audit trail would be helpful; perhaps including what task was performed, important results, errors that occurred, when the task ran, who ran it, and so forth. With PowerShell for MigrationWiz, you can keep track of your projects with a handy audit trail. 

2. Consistency

A scripted solution will run the exact same script every time — no risk of typos, forgetting to complete the task, or doing the task incorrectly.

3. Documentation 

Is there documentation for the task?  Is it up to date?  A well written and commented script can generally serve as a helpful base level of documentation that might not exist for a manual task.

4. Education

Scripting out a task will improve your ability and potentially give you deeper insight into what you’re doing than with the black box of a GUI.

5. Modular Code

I might spend more time on a particular function than time savings justify, but I can generally reuse or borrow ideas from the code later.

6. Delegation

With a scripted solution, you can typically delegate more functions closer to the teams best equipped to handle them, giving you more time to focus on the important stuff.

7. Change Of Pace

Repetition is not fun.  Removing or minimising it will improve morale.

If you would like to find out more about BitTitan MigrationWiz visit our features page and view the pricing options for the migration bundles. 



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