7 reasons to consider Axcient business continuity solutions

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on December 2, 2019

Ensuring the continued operations and availability of your client’s applications and infrastructure is one of your highest priorities as an IT Service Provider.

Axcient provides industry leading platforms that meet the needs of your customer’s Business Continuity and Data Protection solutions - and there are 7 reasons you should try it out for yourself today!

1. Disaster Recovery Assurance 
Axcient provides three levels of assurance that your client’s IT environment will be available in the event of a disaster.
  • Backup to a local storage appliance for first line recovery in the event of file, image or server failure with visual verification and alerting.
  • Replication to cloud for second line of defence in the event of a lack of availability at your primary site, providing secondary location recovery.
  • Operational enablement of the cloud as your third line of business continuity, ensuring that you can operate in the cloud while you restore your primary location.

2. Super Simple & Easy to Use
Axcient's Business Continuity Solutions can be managed through a single portal, giving you the tools to meet your client’s needs in one easy-to-use interface. Additionally, their solutions integrate with the leading RMM and PSA tools for total business process management.
CloudFinder from Axcient for O365

3. Reduced Costs
Built on chain-free and reverse-incremental chain technologies, Axcient's Business Continuity solutions give you the flexibility to adapt to different client scenarios and reduce the headache associated with traditional chain-based backups.
Each backup is independent of itself - if a corruption occurs on your client’s device, server or system, the advanced intelligence software enables a direct rebuild of the last stable version, eliminating incremental builds.

4. Channel-Focused Support
Axcient's technology is based on patented IP, providing the highest level of operational capability and control in the industry. They are continuously improving upon the technology to meet the needs of the MSP market.
5. Improved Margins
Adopting Axcient can improve your margins in a number of different ways. The flexibility of the Axcient solutions allows you to provision the right solution based on your client’s needs. You can purchase a la carte for your client, or purchase in bulk and spread data backup across all your clients.

Plus, the technology provides ease of management both operationally and through backups, lightening the amount of time your technicians spend on restores.
Axcient CloudFinder

6. Flexible Vaulting Options
Axcient Business Continuity solutions allow you to vault to Axcient’s cloud, another backup appliance, your cloud, or all three, providing complete control and management of your client’s environment.

7. You-Choose-It Hardware
Axcient Business Continuity solutions provide you the flexibility to leverage your own hardware for local backup or to offer our enterprise-grade solutions that have been pre-configured to exacting specification with the robustness and longevity your customers demand.
With flexible options to meet your unique specifications, Axcient is the premier leader in Business Continuity and Data Protection solutions.

Learn more about how Axcient CloudFinder can help protect your client's Office 365 data.


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