9 benefits of using Axcient for your backup and DR solution

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 28, 2019

Axcient software for IT Service Providers gives small and medium sized clients always-on data and application security in the event of any hack or natural disaster. Here are our 9 benefits of using Axcient for your backup and DR solutions.

1. Proprietary Image-Based Backup Software

Axcient offers an image-based backup and disaster recovery service that captures snapshots of a server every few minutes, including its data, operating system, applications, and configurations and replicates those images to the Axcient Cloud.

Deploying Axcient means you have a local BDR appliance and cloud recovery options in the event of a server failure or site-wide disaster, using the Axcient Cloud.

2. Chain-Free Backups With No Dependent Backup Chains
Axcient Business Continuity provides the industry’s only chain-free image backup solution, which means there is no backup chain dependency. Most BDR solutions depend on chains where each new scheduled backup is added as a sequential chain after the initial full backup image. In other words, each new recovery point is dependent on the prior recovery point.
A deletion or corruption of any one of these recovery points makes future recovery points useless. Axcient’s proprietary chain-free technology makes each recovery point independent, verified, and bootable. 
3. 15-Minute RPO 
Axcient Business Continuity offers best-in-class RPO and RTO while providing industry leading choice and security.
Axcient Business Continuity supports up to a 15-minute RPO enabled by our proprietary chain-free technology and a 4-hour RTO.
4. Near-Instant Recovery Through Local BDR Appliance Virtualisation 
The Axcient Continuity Cloud allows fast recovery from partial site or entire site failures. In the event of a server failure, (or the failure of an entire site), a local Axcient BDR Appliance can first be used to easily, quickly, and transparently virtualise the failed server(s) onsite.
If the BDR has been destroyed or is otherwise unavailable, the Axcient Continuity Cloud can be activated to bring the failed infrastructure back up.
Zedsphere Axcient CloudFinder
5. Flexible Offsite Options Including Axcient Cloud, Private Cloud or Both
Axcient offers a BYOC or “Bring Your Own Cloud” options, meaning partners can use the Axcient Cloud or provide their own cloud through their own data center or do both to retain multiple offsite copies of critical data.
This choice and flexibility give partners the ability to design the best service for their clients to support optimal Total Cost of Ownership and client Service Level Agreements. Depending on SMB client requirements and industry specific use cases, this level of choice and flexibility can be critical for effective data protection.
6. Flexible Local BDR Deployment Options

Axcient is unique in providing you with the greatest choice and flexibility. MSPs and their clients can BYOD or BYOC. BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device” means Axcient partners can build or repurpose their own hardware for use as a local BDR appliance or purchase a turn-key hardware and software bundle from Axcient. 


7. Automated Daily Virtual Boot & Screenshot Verification
Axcient's automated screenshot verification ensures that your backup is running smoothly by taking the last server image of the day and booting that as a virtual machine. As it boots up, the technology virtually takes the screenshots of the login screen, indicating a completed boot process.
Axcient CloudFinder
8. Automated Centralised Client Reporting
The reporting feature allows administrators to track important information on machine health (including sync and backup status), system activity, and user activity. You can export these reports to a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. You can also email these reports to a list of recipients.  
9. WAN Optimisation
While other vendors require companies to purchase separate hardware and software for WAN optimization and data replication, Axcient has taken a different approach and developed this technology in the software layer. As a result, it is now a part of their core cloud-based data protection offering, which results in lower total cost of ownership and simplified management from a single cloud interface.

Start taking advantage of the Axcient CloudFinder backup and disaster recovery for Office 365 solution today.


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