As Compliance Requirements Add Workload, Will Your Customers Have Their Eye on Endpoint Protection?

by Fleur Doidge, on April 5, 2023

With cyberthreats like Emotet continuing to represent a significant risk to organisations, managed services providers (MSPs) benefit from advanced endpoint protection solutions that will:

  •  automate cyberattack remediation;
  •  integrate with typical deployment tools; and
  •  centralise their view across all customer sites and endpoints.

With Malwarebytes, the need for manual effort can be vastly reduced at the same time as reducing false positives, increasing flexibility, and while minimising ransomware risks with Malwarebytes' rollback feature (new value-add features are released consistently).

Improve the efficiency of teams, spending less time on routine tasks, with in-product automations and a sensible, easy-to-use interface.

MSPs can leverage OneView powered by Malwarebytes to not only strengthen but simplify their security programme with enterprise-grade endpoint security products, helping drive business revenues and growth.

Partnering Malwarebytes means that, as a services provider, you'll also enjoy native integrations with platforms for remote monitoring and management (RMM) to security information and event management (SIEM), and more.

In addition, Malwarebytes offers its own Level 2 Support services to help MSPs solve complex security challenges.

At tax time, when organisations can be especially stretched by compliance and filing requirements, modern endpoint protection becomes more important than ever. Even a simple tax form can be malware in disguise.

Scammers often choose such times to target unsuspecting workers with phishing and similar malware - including Emotet, which was recently named the world's most dangerous malware by Europol.

Malwarebytes' next-generation OneView MSP Management console delivers Incident Response, Endpoint Protection & Endpoint Detection and Response in one centralised portal. Of course, whether SMB or enterprise focused, you benefit from QBS:MSP's award-winning customer support and partnership as well.

Meet customer security needs better than ever while growing your business - contact QBS:MSP today. You can also contact us in the UK by phone on 0208 733 7180. And, yes, we get back to everyone quickly!


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