What's an Automated Runbook and why do you need it to get organised?

by Lizzie Robinson, on April 25, 2018

An Automated Runbook is how the BitTitan MSPComplete platform brings your documentation and intellectual property to life. MSPComplete is designed for Managed Service Providers who want to leverage automation to lower service delivery costs.
Runbooks operationalise your best practices and ensure that your services are delivered with consistency. They leverage powerful automation to centralise and execute PowerShell scripts in the cloud, minimising the manual work that your engineers perform when delivering services.


Runbooks in MSPComplete enable greater automation, standardisation, and benchmarking in your service delivery practices.



Using Automated Runbooks in BitTitan MSPComplete means that you can convert your documentation into action. Turn your processes into step-by-step guidance that surfaces the exact information needed at the right moment. Track every task to ensure your process is being followed and eliminate constant status updates with increased visibility into every service delivered.


With MSPComplete you can also benchmark your performance and get insights into opportunities to improve processes, scale knowledge across your teams, and drive more efficiency by automating time-consuming tasks with full reports.


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