BitTitan just made your Microsoft Teams migrations easier

by Bella Howell, on September 24, 2020


Everyone and their mother is using Microsoft Teams right now, so if you're looking for a tool to help you migrate clients, it's important that it does it all (and that it does it well).

Lucky for you, BitTitan took note of MSP feedback and have now launched their MigrationWiz Collaboration Migration Tool 2.0, which provides everything you need and more for fast and effective Teams migrations. With new features and improved functionality, this version of the tool is perfect for MSPs that are managing migrations from divestitures or mergers, while ensuring ease-of-use and security remain top priorities.


This new feature provides you with yet another quick and easy way to upload your chosen Teams into MigrationWiz. Now, Autodiscover will scan the Source instance for all Teams and create a CSV doc for you to upload into the Wiz. This means that you can choose to upload all Teams found during the scan, or edit the CSV document for a more tailored migration.

For bigger migrations where you'll be transferring over a large number of Teams, BitTitan has also created a Bulk Add feature. On the other side, if you're completing a small migration or want proof of concept, there's a Quick Add feature that's made for that purpose. With all of these options, users can map and/or edit Team names to avoid any conflict or confusion.

Teams Pre-Stage

If you've used BitTitan to migrate mailboxes before, you'll be familiar the with pre-stage migration option they've had in place since 2009. This involves migrating the majority of user data over the span of a few days or weeks before the actual cutover. It's helped to make migrations smoother, faster, and gives the option to run them over the weekend.

Well, now Pre-Stage migrations are available for Teams, too. Once your Teams have been imported and are ready for migrating, this new feature will allow you to take a two-pronged approach for the easiest transfer possible: first, migrate the Team and Channel structure, then migrate the actual data.

Individual Teams

In another move to make Team migrations as simple as Mailbox migrations, you now have the option to treat each Team as an individual entity. This means that when you go to migrate, you can select each team separately, something that will be especially handy in instances of divestiture.

With each individual migration, you can also track any progress, status and errors, allowing you to plan your next move around each.

App-based Authentication

Transitioning from Microsoft 365 authentication, BitTitan now uses app-based authentication for workloads including OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. This switch was made to increase security and the risk of throttling between Microsoft specific projects.

Licensing Per Team

With all these new updates comes a slight change in how Teams migrations are licensed, switching from per-user licenses to per-Team. Collaboration licenses are priced per Team and allow up to £100GB of data, meaning that if you wish to migrate five Teams, you'll need five Collaboration licenses.

BitTitan webinar

Want to find out more? Watch BitTitan's webinar on all thing Teams-to-Teams migration here:




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