How to Choose the Right TeamViewer Subscription

by Lizzie Robinson, on April 5, 2018

TeamViewer subscriptions are very transparent and it's easy to determine which subscription is best suited to your organisation. TeamViewer aims to empower its users to more flexibly determine the level of coverage they need in order to accomplish their own goals quickly and with the lowest total cost of ownership in the market. 


Some things to consider when deciding on the correct TeamViewer subscription:

1. How many users do you need?

The main difference between the subscriptions is based on how many users will need access to the TeamViewer licence, so you need to determine how many people will be initiating an outgoing connection. Following that you need to work out how many of these will need to have an active connection at the same time (concurrent users). 

2. Do you need to mass deploy the licences? 

You can mass deploy the TeamViewer host with an MSI package. You can customise a TeamViewer Host module in such a way, that the Host module is added automatically to a TeamViewer account when installed. The assignment does not have to be confirmed manually at the client device. 

*(Applicable for Corporate license) 

3. Do you need user and device connection reporting?

Both incoming and outgoing connections can be logged within your TeamViewer console.

Outgoing connections are logged for users only if this function is enabled in the TeamViewer account of the user (enabled by default) and if they are logged into their TeamViewer account when making connections.

*(Applicable for Premium or Corporate license) 

Incoming connections are logged for devices, but the devices would need to be assigned to the Administrator account and the policy “Report Connections to this Device” would need to be applied to all devices that connection reports are needed for.

*(Applicable for Corporate license)

4. Do they need mobile device support?

You can optionally add support for mobile devices to connect to Android and Windows 10 Mobile with real-time remote control and unattended access, and connect to iOS devices with real-time screen sharing. See installed apps and running processes, push and pull settings, and view important device metrics.


 Each TeamViewer subscription has a breakdown of its additional features, so it's easy to determine which licence type you will require.

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