Crack The Code To Maximum MSP Success With N-able RMM And QBS:MSP

by Fleur Doidge, on December 9, 2021

A QBS:MSP promotion on now is set to help MSPs scale up their managed services with the latest offer from the remote monitoring and network management experts at N-able.

Only until 31 December, participating MSPs switching to remote monitoring and management with N-able RMM can enjoy lower prices based on invoices from their current RMM provider -- as part of the N-able Crack the MSP Code Promotion.

"Send us an invoice from your current RMM service provider and we will endeavour to guarantee you a price that's at least one cent lower," says N-able. Click here for the full T&Cs.

In addition, by signing up to an RMM/N-Central contract, MSPs can receive up to double the value to spend on N-Able security products.

"Why not take on booming demand for managed services with an RMM solution that helps you do more and scale more?" says Sean Bradley, business development manager at QBS:MSP.

Email the sales team at QBS:MSP to learn more.

Turn digital evolution into business revolution with N-able

Manage, monitor, automate and troubleshoot the complexities of today's ever-evolving business networks and integrations from a single dashboard.

"N-able offers a full-featured tech stack with integrated monitoring, management, security, and ticketing," explains QBS:MSP's Sean Bradley.

"N-able's two monitoring platforms make it pretty unique. N-able N-Central can be on-prem or hosted, and then there's pure cloud, pay as you go, SaaS-based N-able RMM."

With N-able, instead of being reactive, with a break/fix focus and potentially unpredictable revenues, MSPs can move to more proactive approaches -- tailoring small bundles and picking up on packaged opportunities for monitoring, antivirus, backup and web protection.

"The next step is to become a virtual CTO for the customer, helping them choose the most relevant solutions and how to optimise them -- saving time and money," Bradley says.

Meeting hybrid customer challenges

Francesco Dibartolo, director -- MSP distribution at N-able, says that because SMEs increasingly rely on IT, including cloud, hybrid infrastructures and ways of working, N-able automates remediation and speeds the response via easier, quicker configurations, dashboard alerts and remote control.

"Companies and their workers need a secure environment and to keep everything up and running, wherever they are working, and strong monitoring across different tools and networks," explains Dibartolo.

In a world of myriad cyberthreats and high IT costs, N-able's solutions are secure by design.

With N-able, MSPs can cover off RMM and data protection as well as critical security requirements including:

  • Backup
  • Password and documentation management
  • Endpoint protection
  • Patch management
  • DNS filtering and web protection
  • Email protection and archiving
  • Risk intelligence
  • Professional services and support at all levels including access to education/training resources

That's why N-able solutions are leveraged by more than 25,000 MSPs every month -- securing half a million SMEs and some seven million different devices that communicate on a daily basis through N-able platforms.

Individual tools are available integrated into the monitoring platform or separately.

Click this YouTube link to view the latest N-able RMM webinar with QBS:MSP.

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