How Cyber Threat Intelligence Safeguards Against Todays Threats

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 14, 2018

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Cases from experts and the real world alike show that the tools traditionally employed – including legacy firewall and antivirus systems – simply cannot keep up with the expanding threat landscape.


The threat landscape conditions are requiring new strategies for network security, particularly as cyber protection continues to rank among business leaders’ top priorities. This is where cyber threat intelligence comes in, helping to bridge the gap between emerging threats and organisational security. 

Thankfully, there are solutions out there that can not only protect your network at the gateway but also provide additional protection against unknown and emerging malware threats and zero-day exploits. Untangle’s cyber threat intelligence cloud-based service, ScoutIQ™ proactively scans all networks—including encrypted traffic— for various threats and malware, provides continuous threat protection by aggregating data from NG Firewall deployments worldwide, and synthesises data from industry-wide threat intelligence services.

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By inspecting data at the metadata level, ScoutIQ is able to better inform the protection offered by NG Firewall, ensuring that the network is guarded against even the newest, emerging threats. Untangle’s NG Firewall solution combines unified threat management with policy management tools to enable organisations to monitor, manage and shape Internet traffic.

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