How Arista Edge Threat Management Empowers Success For SMBs And Emerging MSPs

by Fleur Doidge, on May 3, 2023

Whether you're seeking to provide services to SMB customers or stepping up in the managed services market on your own behalf, Arista Edge Threat Management (ETM) offers a cost-friendly, scaleable approach that's fast to deploy.

When you can get customer sites up and running in a single day, you can benefit immediately from updated, compliant cybersecurity, connectivity and policy functionality, positioning both provider and customer for risk reduction and business expansion.

Indeed, that's what print provider Carolina Business Equipment (CBE) discovered when it moved to extend its services offering and keep up with customer requirements.

Offering next-generation firewalling and network security from Arista, including NG Firewall and Command Center, meant the veteran print management provider could pivot and keep growing when print services per se began to be de-emphasised in the market relative to other customer concerns.

CBE's mission today covers a much broader remit for its 4000 customers, including managing challenges with IT infrastructure, ISP, phone provider, and cybersecurity, including firewall issues. NG Firewall alone provides more than 30 different capabilities.

Arista was selected as a cost-conscious replacement for a Cisco firewalling/router solution to help deliver that one-stop full-service experience.

Configure once, deploy anywhere

Choosing Arista's ETM offering meant a chance to relieve customer pressures from increasing digitisation, including solving configuration and implementation issues that were happening too frequently at the customer end.

NG Firewall with content filtering, advanced threat protection and network connectivity can also be easily deployed on appliances, in the public cloud, as a virtual machine, or on own third-party hardware, while Command Center delivers visibility and control with full remote management capabilities over multiple sites.

With Policy Manager, network access can be restricted to certain IP addresses and content, with high granularity of user-based rules and complete event logging for reports.

In addition, web filter and application control apps can actively block selected categories of websites and applications to prevent unauthorised user access.

If you or your customers would benefit from implementing a robust network security solution that's both customisable and affordable for a distributed or hybrid environment, contact QBS:MSP or phone 0208 733 7180 in the UK to discuss Arista ETM, including NG Firewall and Command Center.

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