How MSPs Can Outwit Security Issues And Expand With N-Able For RMM

by Fleur Doidge, on April 12, 2022

New research from N-able showcases how MSPs can better adapt to the intensifying challenges in today's cyber security environment -- with offerings including N-central and RMM for remote monitoring and management.

N-able's research has revealed that almost all MSPs have suffered a successful cyberattack in the past 18 months. In fact, MSPs are fast becoming primary targets for cyberattacks -- 90% of MSPs in the survey say there have been more attacks since the pandemic started.

N-able says MSPs have proven their worth many times over during the past couple of years -- becoming increasingly valued extensions to internal IT teams.

However, as cyber threats continue to evolve, raising the stakes on security and privacy, trust can be eroded.

Meanwhile, 82% of MSP customers have also seen an increase in attempted cyberattacks -- yet MSPs estimate security budgets may rise by just five percent on average, the research reveals.

Next steps for MSPs and security-conscious customers?

To stay ahead of the game, responding to the urgent need of businesses to keep operating while securing critical resources, it's time to take a fresh look at remote monitoring and management strategies.

Customers and partners alike have been forced to adapt their own ways of working if they are to continue to operate and survive. N-able's N-central enables growing services providers, IT departments and small MSPs alike to manage large networks and scale IT operations with RMM, and get up and running fast.

Automating key functions is now critical

N-able explains: "With attacks increasing in both volume and sophistication, managing defences manually is impossible. Implementing greater levels of automation is essential to help keep customers’ businesses secure."

  • Just 80% of MSPs are applying patches automatically, the survey shows
  • 90% of MSPs are providing automated web filtering, though mostly URL-based
  • Only around one in ten are using more secure DNS filtering
  • Less than a quarter of MSPs are leveraging automated redeployment security tests and configuration checks, according to the study

Additional findings

  • Only four in every ten MSPs surveyed confirm they are backing up workstations at least every 48 hours, the report found
  • Just four in ten MSPs have implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) on their own systems
  • Only a third of customers are currently using 2FA, according to N-able

Given the accelerated pace of business today, it is clear that many MSPs could benefit from even greater attention to cybersecurity basics -- and it's necessary to protect their own systems too.

Fortunately, there are indications that SME security budgets are increasing -- opening the door to services and solutions opportunities for partners.

N-able's newly benchmarked annual report in association with Coleman Parkes Research examines the critical state-of-play for MSPs aiming to protect their own and customer businesses -- it's downloadable here, with the addition of a few details.

For more insights and information on N-able solutions, contact QBS:MSP today.







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