How N-able N-sight RMM Can Help MSPs And In-House SME Teams

by Fleur Doidge, on August 18, 2022

Because partners will empower their customers through enhanced monitoring, management and security of data, IT systems and networks, N-able has relaunched its RMM offering aimed at jump-starting emerging MSPs as well as helping IT departments.

Now known as N-able N-sight RMM, the clue is in the name -- this cloud-based offering is built around delivering the key insights that you'll need to scale up as well as remotely monitor, manage and secure customer infrastructures today.

That means that partners can excel at every stage of growth, while protecting and working with customers effectively and efficiently, even across more complex ecosystems.

Benefit from N-able N-sight RMM's remote access, ticketing and billing in one solution, incorporating better remote monitoring and management for people, devices, apps and data across the network.

No one loves juggling multiple pieces of software, so an N-able multi-layered solution includes

• patch management

• endpoint detection and response (EDR)

• vulnerability scanning

• cloud-based email security

• security manager and disk encryption

• managed antivirus

• password management

• backup

• monitoring

• web security

All with access to world-class support and security experts around the clock as well as training, automation guides and community contacts as required.

Speak to QBS:MSP about the optimum RMM approach for growing service providers today.

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