How to create an Untangle account

by Milosz Szalczynski, on April 16, 2020

FWaaS (firewall-as-a-service) is an important part of any tech stack, and Untangle provides an offering that IT professionals can't ignore. A next-gen firewall that can take your MSP to the next level of success, Untangle offers your clients some of the best threat protection, cyber security and network security around.
See how easy it is to create an account with this short tutorial.

1. Go to

You'll be taken to this page:
 Untangle login page

Once there, click Create Account and fill in your details as necessary.

You can now log in instantly.

2. Understanding the dashboard

After logging in, you'll be taken to your new dashboard.

Untangle command center

Here you'll find several different modules, including a list of your appliances, an appliance map, alerts and a list of blocked threats.

3. Browsing the tabs


Captive portal

Any alerts and rules will be applied here.

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Add tech appliances

This is where you can add and update your appliances. To do this, use the buttons in the column to the left.


Web hosts

Any hosts will appear here.


Create template configurations

Here you can create template configurations across all of your different appliances and subscriptions.

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Web filters and bandwidth control

This is where all of your reports will appear for your bandwidth control, hosts, network and web filters.


Add URL or mac

Any URLs or MACs can be entered here.

TRY IT OUT FOR 30 days for free

This is just a quick rundown of the initial Untangle account. If you'd like to jump in and see for yourself how a next-gen firewall can boost your business, try a free 30-day trial.



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