How to sell FWaaS to your clients

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on October 28, 2019

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Firewall-as-a-Service is a fantastic service that many IT Providers are now offering to their clients, allowing them to partially or fully move security inspection to a cloud infrastructure. 

The promise of FWaaS is to provide simpler and more flexible architecture by leveraging centralised policy management, making it easier than ever for IT Providers - and there are a number of selling points that will help you get more clients onto your FWaaS.

1. It means better disaster recovery for them
When a client hires you for a managed firewall service, they will also obtain experts in IT security who are proactive in the detection of new threats and their mitigation.
One really crucial selling point of a FWaaS offering is that the risk of network security threats as a result of firewall misconfiguration is minimised, and in case of a failure, there will be quick recovery as well. 
2. They will get a comprehensive protection service
With a good FWaaS offering, clients can take advantage of a comprehensive security service that includes everything from content filtering, malware and threat protection, secure Wi-Fi, application control, bandwidth optimisation to virtual private networks. 
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3. It's convenient for remote workers
Remote workers have created the need for a managed firewall and security service. For remote working to be possible, most firms secure remote and mobile traffic through securing the internet traffic locally, resulting in appliance sprawl.
Offering a managed firewall and security service eradicates these issues through the connection of users via a world-wide SLA-backed cloud network, which links all users, resources, and traffic, including access to SaaS and cloud applications by remote and mobile users.
4. There will be a reduced cost and improved TCO
There is a pre-conceived idea that in order to safeguard against sophisticated security threats, you need to deploy multiple security products, such as an intrusion prevention system, content filtering, and threat prevention applications.
But showing the value of a firewall that has the capability to cover all of their network security, will demonstrate how easily they can reduce their costs. 
There will be no requirement for capital investments regarding hardware expenses and therefore reduced impact on their budget.
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5. They'll get full-visibility and detailed reports about their network
Your clients may find it difficult to determine how many threats have attacked their network, however with your managed firewall service they will be able to obtain detailed reports regarding the threats that face your business. These reports will be able to assist you in analysing their security measures and identify vulnerabilities (potentially a good route to upsell).
In particular, they might offer you a good idea of the behaviours of their staff that could be detrimental to their security - and be a good way to suggest a security awareness training programme. 
6. They'll have a simpler architecture
When your clients take on FWaaS, their network traffic is aggregated into the cloud, be it from remote users, data centres or branch offices. Meaning there is a single point for DPI which eliminates the tedious task of keeping distributed firewall policies in sync (and the need for appliances are eliminated). 
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