How To Sell RMM To Your Customers

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on December 13, 2018

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As an MSP, you’re in the service business. Anything you can do to increase the level of service you provide to your customers is going to make your business stronger. The advantages of RMM for you also translate into benefits for your customers.
Here’s a couple of points for how to sell RMM to your customers:

RMM Automation 

Your Advantage: Your employees will save time and need less training because of RMM automation and its single central interface to your customers’ systems. 
Customer Benefit: Your customers benefit because you can pass those savings on to them.

No Downtime 

Your Advantage: You can spot a potential problem and often fix it before your client is even aware a problem exists. 

Customer Benefit: Your customers see computer downtime as a real threat to their business. They'll avoid experiencing a systems problem that reduces their productivity.

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System-Wide Security

Your Advantage: You’ll offer system-wide security. 
Customer Benefit: Your customers won’t need to worry about securing their systems one device at a time. They’ll eliminate the expense of acquiring security software licenses, distributing updates and tracking renewal dates. They’ll also avoid the sometimes disastrous consequences of a security breach that could have been stopped with the right security measures in place.


Clear Reporting 

Your Advantage: You’ll provide reports that help justify the expense of MSP services. 
Customer Benefit: Your customers will know how well their systems are running and what proactive measures were taken to avoid problems. They’ll be in a position to appreciate their partnership with a full-service MSP.
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