How To Implement Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on October 31, 2018

As a Managed Service Provider, when it comes to your sales and marketing strategy you want to make the most of your resources to get the highest ROI possible.
One thing we've found here at Zedsphere is that using video significantly helps for boosting engagement, traffic and getting more personal with your clients. 
So how do you start to implement video into your marketing and sales strategy?
One-to-One Personalised Videos

Quick, one-to-one personalised videos are the easiest and most effective way to use video in your sales and marketing efforts. All you need to get started is a simple webcam to record personalised videos for your prospects or clients. You don’t need a script either, what you would explain over an email, you can just say it in a video. No editing, no redoing, just go for it.

TOP TIP: If your prospect doesn’t answer the phone the first time you call, why don’t you send a quick video? This is going to make your client feel extra special and it’s also going to secure and build a relationship with them, as it’s much more personal when you can see someone.
Video For Email Marketing

Video content is super engaging. Adding video to your email campaigns can have a huge impact on your click through rates. People can be reluctant to spend their time reading emails, but they are often intrigued by visual content. When you offer a video in an email you’re also directing your audience directly to one of your website or landing pages, meaning it’s more likely they’ll look around at what else you have to offer.

TOP TIP: Because not all email clients are optimised for embedding videos, its best to insert a static image within your email that shows a play button. You can then link the image to your landing page playing the video.

Service and Product Demonstrations 

These days, most business buyers make 70% of their buying decision by researching information online, before picking up the phone. A quick 30 second or 1 minute video can help your audience easily understand what you’re offering – without the need for lengthy paragraphs on your website. You can also offer this kind of video on a YouTube channel that will boost your SEO function too.

TOP TIP: Keep the content full of energy and don’t overload your viewers with too many features or functions all in one video.
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