An Introduction to the Untangle Command Center

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on June 6, 2018

Untangle firewall
In a nutshell, Command Center is Untangle’s Cloud-Based centralised management for all of your NG Firewall Deployments. Our cloud-based centralised management allows you to quickly and simply control your Untangle NG Firewall deployments from any browser - without the costly purchase and maintenance headache of an on-premise solution.
You’re able to get threat and alert history as well as audit logs across sites. You can manage all of your licensing, software updates, backups, account info, billing, renewals, and user/access permissions. You can manage global alerts/notifications as well as clone and push policies for apps and set rules.
With Untangle Command Center you can:  
  • Flexibly manage hundreds of sites - or just a few
  • Simplify provisioning and licensing
  • Reduce management overhead and associated costs
  • Speed auditing and maintain regulatory compliance
Account View:
  • Manage your Account, Billing, and Subscriptions.
  • Manager users: Invite Users to your account and assign appliances to those users for management.
  • Enable account features: Multi-Factor authentication
Dashboard View:

Dashboard View

In your dashboard view, you’ll be able to get an immediate picture of what is going on your Untangle-protected networks.

  • Appliance and Host Counts
  • Geographical Location of Appliances
  • Aggregation of Data and alerts of Appliances

Appliances View:

Appliance View

In your appliances view, you’ll be able to see similar things as your dashboard view but it will be per Untangle deployment.

  • Each appliance dashboard
  • One-click upgrade of one or many appliances
  • Appliance licensing overview
  • Appliance remote access, the #1 most used feature of the Untangle Command Center

Policy View:

Policy View

The policy view provides mechanisms to be able to capture individual application configurations from your appliances. Takes a snapshot of your settings and configurations. Allows for templates and push/sync capability.

  • Create a “Template Master” which:
    • Pushes all configurations and settings, with the exception of network settings, from the template to one or more target appliances.
    • Allows for Master and Target appliances to stay in sync.
    • Allows you to view policies by appliance
    • Can clone and push policies to other appliances.

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