How To Make The Most Of Your Untangle Free Trial

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on May 31, 2018

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Your free 30-day trial is the perfect opportunity for you to play with all the premium features of the Untangle NG Firewall and see how NG Firewall is protecting your network with real traffic and application of policy management, web blocking, monitoring, and reporting on your network.


To help you make the most of your free 30-day trial we've put together an action plan to showcase Untangle’s application control and real time protection of a network.

>> An introduction to Untangle NG Firewall

1. Install & Get Set Up 

Install Untangle onto your network with only the default settings. Set up some custom reporting that you would like to see from your network like bandwidth usage, websites accessed, or what your devices are pinging on the internet.


2. Let It Run!
Allow your NG Firewall to generate data utilising default settings for seven days.


3. Check Analytics 
Go back into your NG Firewall and look at all the analytics generated on your network. If you need help on how to view or generate, on how to generate reports and how to navigate your dashboard then you can also schedule a 1-2-1 demo


TRY IT OUT FOR 30 days for free

4. Review Network 
Schedule a review with your client or potential customer.


5. Present Report 
Present the last 30 days of analytics and report. You’ll be able to provide a snapshot of a before, during, and after installing Untangle NG Firewall. This is an effective way to showcase how you would manage their network and configurations utilising Untangle’s software portfolio.


To get started, contact your Zedsphere account manager today on 0330 122 2050 for more information or register for your free 30-day trial online.



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