How To Make The Most Of Your TeamViewer Subscription With Add-Ons

by Lizzie Robinson, on December 19, 2018

TeamViewer is designed with ease in mind; with its smart and transparent licensing model it is easy to understand the differences between options. There are three different subscription types – Business, Premium and Corporate, depending on the needs of your clients. 
Something that we wanted to let you know more about are the 3 add-on options for your TeamViewer subscription. We think these add-ons can really help you to make the most of your TeamViewer subscription. 
Add-Ons For Your TeamViewer Subscription:
Channel Add-Ons
Channel add-ons are available for TeamViewer Premium and Corporate subscriptions. The number of channels that your subscription has determines from how many devices sessions can be started concurrently from different devices.
For the Premium subscription you will receive 1 channel as standard, and for the Corporate subscription you will receive 3 channels. So if you have or need more than the standard number of concurrent sessions then you can add channels to your subscription! 
Mobile Support Add-On
For all TeamViewer licences, an add-on is available that enables support for mobile devices - this includes PC to mobile, and mobile to mobile connections. Remotely access, control and support mobile devices with this TeamViewer add-on. If you have Android devices then you can also allow for unattended access and remote control. 
ServiceCamp Add-Ons
TeamViewer's ServiceCamp is a service desk solution that helps you provide efficient and personal customer support. ServiceCamp streamlines your work on issues and tasks in teams. TeamViewer Premium comes as standard with 3 staff agents and Corporate with 5 agents, but with this add-on channel you can add more staff agents to your subscription easily!
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