MSP Holistic Marketing Methodology: Thrive [Guest Post]

by Dave Sutton, on June 25, 2020

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This is a guest post by Dave Sutton, MD at Wingman: Sales and Marketing for MSPs.

Rinse & repeat! Why go to all of that effort of cultivating a list of target prospects, profiling them and setting them on your conveyor belt of marketing activity, to then let the juice run out. They’ll simply go cold, forget you exist and when a need arises down the line they’ll go to your competition.

Don’t limit yourself by beating that same drum – message #1 might have not resonated with most prospects, but message #2 or message #3 might be the winner! Different messages at different times will increase your chances of finding the right avenue to opening up a prospects intrigue.

Consistency is key

  1. Reinvent your message – to ensure you don’t bore your prospects and have them looking unfavourably on your brand, and ultimately unsubscribing from your emails, continue to flex those creative muscles by changing the theme of your marketing messages every few weeks

  2. Segment your data – as your list grows and the level of insight you hold on prospects improves, you’d be best to chop-up your marketing list into geographic, industry vertical or size horizontal chunks

  3. Tailor your message – with segmented lists of prospects, you should adapt your message & tone to best suit that pool. The ‘closer to home’ your message is to their pain points and desires, the better

  4. Continue following-up – keep on the phones! Ensure that each campaign message you put out is followed-up, there’s no better way to collect feedback & see what’s working

Don’t leave it down to your prospect to get back to you. They might be keen as mustard, but if they’re busy and get distracted by a mountain of other stuff that goes on in their business, they may forget to get back to you.

Make sure you follow up - but when?

  1. Set next actions with your prospects – whenever you engage a prospect, irrespective of where they are in the pipeline, set a date and time on when you’ll get back in touch. That won’t always guarantee you’ll reach them next time you try, but it certainly helps

  2. Sometimes sooner is better – if a prospect is sat in the pipeline tied into contract and they fob you off for a few months, be brave and pencil in a follow-up for a date sooner than they advised. May be a little cheeky, but timing is everything. Too close to their current contract end date, you’ll have no time to win them round

  3. Stick to it – make sure you dedicate the time and don’t miss a date/time you have set with a prospect. Use a good CRM & internal process to keep on top of your cadence of sales activities

Running low on time?

I work at Wingman, a specialised sales and marketing agency for MSPs, and we’d love to help. If you read 'agency' and got a cold sweat, don't worry, we practice what we preach.

Working intimately with our clients, we spend all day every day supporting technology service businesses with everything from data and content to telemarketing. To date, we've collaborated with more than 35 MSPs and helped take their marketing to the next level.

If you're an MSP and are considering outsourced support for any of your sales or marketing activity, get in touch with Wingman today. 


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