3 ways to prepare for a ransomware attack

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on October 11, 2019

So, you haven’t been attacked yet. What should you do to prepare? The following 3 steps will spur thoughts about what you need to do in advance to prepare for the inevitable.
1. Ensure You Plan For An Attack
You should already have a robust security policy in place that includes patching cadence, antivirus protection, network security protocols, managed detection and response and a host of other security defence mechanisms. Understanding that the inevitable is going to happen and preparing for it is critical to how you recover.
Developing security policies and guidelines on behalf of your client for when they are attacked is the best defence for mitigating the harm and returning their systems back to normal.

2. Train Your Client 
One of the biggest items you can provide for your clients is ongoing security training. Teaching your clients how to recognise phishing attempts, securing their equipment, and restricting access to unsecured websites will go a long way in keeping bad actors at bay.

3. Develop Your Business Availability Plan 
The only way to minimise data loss from Ransomware is to have in place a comprehensive Business Availability plan that accounts for your client’s cloud, server, hypervisor, application, and file layers.
Ensuring the recovery and business continuity at all 5 layers is critical to the continued operations of your client’s business.
CloudFinder from Zedsphere

So, what do you do when the inevitable happens? When it comes to recovering ransomware encrypted data, there are three options. The first is to pay the ransom, the second is to spend time using various tools available to attempt unencryption and finally the third is to execute your Business Availability Plan. 

Executing your Business Availability plan allows you to roll back to the point in time before the ransomware attack occurred. Ensure you have a business availability plan in place and check out Axcient's suite of products today.

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