N-able Showcases Full MSP Advantage With N-sight RMM

by Fleur Doidge, on September 30, 2022

Managed services providers (MSPs) are set to take more control with the relaunched feature-rich N-able N-sight RMM, according to Brian Mackie, senior product manager at N-able.

The remote monitoring and management (RMM) applications specialist has thought hard about how to further enhance N-able N-sight RMM, with N-able’s Brian Mackie unveiling the full functionality on QBS’s YouTube channel – click here to view.

“We've had a busy few months with the launch of N-sight, and that's really what we are bringing to market: the three-in-one solution for monitoring and automation with RMM,” he says.

“With the remote-access capabilities, from Take Control and all the ticketing and bidding functionality in MSP manager, it's those three solutions blended into one that we know is typically the package that our MSP partners require to manage or run their business.”

N‑sight Take Control’s sophisticated encryption and multi-factor authentication delivers secure, instant access to resolve issues on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices, from virtually anywhere.

Teams can be more agile than ever with accurate, in-the-moment systems information available for mobile and end user support.

“Generally, our partners are very familiar with the RMM components – but they may or may not have also looked into Take Control or MSP Manager,” Mackie says, adding that N-able has now strengthened the integration points between those three tools – RMM, Take Control, and MSP Manager – as well.

Take Control and MSP Manager are very competitive and have great feature sets. “Take Control is a leading remote access solution, on a par with anything else in the market,” says Mackie.

“And because we have some of those integration points with faster, say, assist-user chats, it can be an easier way to extend support to customers, as opposed to partnering with some third-party tool.”

More features unwrapped – and hints of what’s coming up

N-able is keen to help technicians offer support as effectively as they can, using quick links and other features such as simple PIN codes, and new functionality – a new ticketing editor for MSP Manager is coming out very soon, for example, as well as a new bidding module.

Mackie adds: “We also have user synchronisation we’ve added to both MSP Manager and Take Control so you can automatically sync users to any of the three products -- so you don't have to admin onboard and off board users three times in each of the tools.”

With MSP Manager’s new inventory synchronisation, you can see all the assets to the devices you have in RMM and automatically see those in MSP manager as well.

Users can also look forward to a significant patch management upgrade in Q4, Mackie reveals.

By bringing it all together into one solution, MSP partners can take maximum advantage of the capabilities of N-able – already voted best solution of its kind two years running.

Watch this space, or simply contact QBS:MSP by email or dial +44 (0)330 122 2050 to learn more.

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