FAQs on NinjaRMM Subscriptions

by Lizzie Robinson, on March 8, 2018

NinjaRMM Subscriptions

How does NinjaRMM billing work? How do I get more licenses? Here are just two of the FAQs questions that are answered in our blog. Find out more about our NinjaRMM subscriptions today! 

How Does NinjaRMM Billing Work?

NinjaRMM billing is designed so that it is easy to understand. NinjaRMM is invoiced on a cost per device per month model. You decide how many devices you want and you are charged each month on a cost per device per month basis.

Do I Need to Sign Up for a Long Term Contract?

The great thing about NinjaRMM is that is it flexible to your business – there is no minimum term, it is instead a monthly rolling agreement.

However, many of our customers chose to commit for a year because there are extra incentives and discounts we can provide in return for giving NinjaRMM a 12 month commitment.

How Do I Get More Licences?

When you sign up for NinjaRMM you commit to a base license, for example 100 devices. This does not mean however, that you are limited to the amount of agents that you can deploy.

There is no need to place an order for extra licenses – just deploy them directly from the console and the following month you will be billed on a cost per device basis for the extra consumption at the same cost as your other devices, so you can deploy up and down above your base license at any time that you need and will only get billed for what you use.

Do I Pay More to Monitor Servers?

One of the great things about NinjaRMM is that it does not differentiate between server and workstation when it comes to cost. There is just one cost per agent across the board depending on whether you wish to deploy to cloud monitors, workstations or servers so there is no need to worry about hidden extra costs.

Can I Add Extra Products in to My Bundle?

If you feel like there is something more that you need, you can add extra products into your subscription at any time. It is easy to do, just get in touch with us via email or phone and we can get you up and running practically straight away for a small additional cost.

What is the Most Popular Bundle Option?

By far our most popular bundle and billing option is NinjaRMM with TeamViewer and Webroot Endpoint Protection. This is mainly because it is so cost effective as buying each product in isolation would result in a much higher cost.

This bundle also enables you to remotely monitor and manage your customers using NinjaRMM and its wide range of features, as well as remote access due to NinjaRMM's leading integration with TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is one of the world’s best remote access solution, along with Webroot for cyber security which takes a multi vector threat approach to cyber security on the endpoint. All of this, from a single pane of glass on NinjaRMM’s beautiful and easy to use management console.

How Do I Buy NinjaRMM?

If you want to buy NinjaRMM, just get in touch with us here at Zedsphere by calling one of our NinjaRMM product specialists on 0330 122 2050 or drop and email to sales@zedsphere.com and we will get you up and running.



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