Real-Time Command Line with NinjaRMM

by Danny Boyle, on March 6, 2018


Find Out How Real-Time Command Line with NinjaRMM Can Help You.

For most, Command Line is a forgotten memory reminding us just how fast technology has advanced over the years. However, as basic and ugly as it may appear, the good ol' Command Line function is still as powerful and popular as it was many moons ago, especially for MSPs.

Regardless of the topic, we all live in a hectic world that demands answers to all of our right here and now’ questions, customers do not expect to kept waiting for long (especially when money is involved). Finding an RMM solution with a solid Command Line can sometimes be more time-consuming than it really should be.

Command Line.png

With NinjaRMM, anyone can simply choose your business and the device that requires attention (as shown below):

Command Line 2.pngCommand Line 3-1.png

Clicking the _ icon on a connected device will automatically launch a real-time Command Line with one of the fastest responses within the wholeRMM market.

Command Line 4.png


If you want proof, download a Free 30-Day Trial for NinjaRMM



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