Reporting with NinjaRMM and Webroot Endpoint Protection Integration

by Sam Ellison, on March 7, 2018


Step-By-Step Guide: Viewing your Reports with NinjaRMM and Webroot Integration

Here at Zedsphere, we want you to be able to manage your clients’ devices easily and this is achievable through the NinjaRMM and Webroot Endpoint Protection integrations.

This is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how to view reports with your NinjaRMM and Webroot Integration.

Step 1: 

By clicking on a console name, as shown below, you get the following page view. This page gives you the option to go to other areas such as Endpoint Protection, Customer Support and the Webroot Community.

alerts image 1 replace-1.pngStep 2:

As shown below, the Webroot Endpoint Protection page can be accessed by clicking on the 'Go to Endpoint Protection' via the homepage within a console.

reporting image 2.png

Step 3:

The Reports tab gives you the option of viewing your reports via different report types, including All Threats Seen, on a particular date, within a time period or over all time. These threats are sorted by Filename, Pathname, Malware Group, File Size, Last Seen, Dwell Time and Hostname.

This is a great feature as it allows you to view all threats and the Malware Group that the threat belongs to. The Dwell time will give you an idea of how long the threat has been within a system, which should have an impact on the time taken to act accordingly per threat.

reporting image 3.png



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