White Labelling with NinjaRMM

by Danny Boyle, on March 2, 2018


White Labelling

The simple process of one company rebranding another product/service as their own has been around for a long time and not everybody is aware that such a thing exists!

Take, for example, one of the most recognisable - You Tube (before it was bought by Google in 2006) was just a ‘pretty’ front-end to the core Flash web video technology created by Adobe.


Key features of white labelling for MSP's!

Having a platform that offers instant ability to white-label certain features of a Remote Monitoring and Management platform can really be the key to success for any MSP. NinjaRMM comes with white labelling features which techies really love!


Tailoring your own branded System Tray Icon on Ninja RMM

Make your business visible to all of your clients in a few simple clicks. Firstly, choose ‘configuration’ from the main dashboard.

white labelling image 1.gif

Then towards the right hand side of the dashboard click onto branding and configure as shown below.

white labelling image 2.gif

All MSPs, at this point, will now be able to white label and fully personalise the whole System Icon toolbar to ensure they are at the forefront of clients’ thoughts throughout the whole of their business day-to-day lives acting as a constant reminder that they are being looked after.

white labelling image 3.gif

All Ninja RMM users from the dashboard will also be able to customise their business logo too, following the actions below.

white labelling image 4.gif

Discover all the features NinjaRMM has to offer and try a 30-day free trial today:



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