The ultimate next-gen firewall checklist

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on September 7, 2018

Next Generation Firewalls are exactly what their name implies. Even though they take security to a whole new level, not all are created the same. When deciding which NGFW will best protect your client's organisation, there are certain capabilities that you need to look out for. 


When you are looking to purchase a Next Generation Firewall for one of your clients, you want to determine whether the solution can give you comprehensive protection for them. There are 5 must-have capabilities that we've added to our NGFW checklist that you should consider. 

The NGFW Checklist: 

1. Flexibility 

A single gateway that takes on malware, hacking attempts, phishing schemes and other exploits yet is flexible enough to handle a range of network environments depending on the size of your organisation.

2. Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting Features 

Comprehensive analysis and insights that not only deliver end-to-end visibility, but also feature customisable dashboards and template-driven, customisable reports so all those insights can be seen at-a-glance and easily shared with each of your stakeholders.

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3. SD-WAN Support 

Support for SD-WAN networking scenarios that help you cut costs and ensure a consistent security posture for your distributed, branch and remote offices. With SD-WAN functionality, VPN connections can bind to specific WANs, allowing configuration of multiple tunnels for multi-WAN sites and ensuring each tunnel is using the desired physical WAN connection. Also, traffic can be directed to the best WAN connection based on criteria like ports and protocols.

4. WAN Failover 

A Wi-Fi failover mechanism to ensure business continuity and reliability. With wireless interfaces configured as a client to a wireless access point, an NGFW can deliver things like automatic failover between WAN connections, load balancing and traffic shaping. And if there is a failover, this configuration can ensure that the NGFW can still inspect and safeguard all internet traffic, with no interruption in service.

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5. FWaaS Support

Cloud integration and support for Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) will enable the NGFW to connect multiple locations in the public cloud. Prioritise cloud-based, centralised management of all your NGFW deployments as well as cloud-enabled features like automated access to threat intelligence metadata and cloud scans that are performed concurrently with local scans.


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