Untangle NG Firewall & Geolocation By IP

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on November 29, 2018

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Geolocation by IP, as a broad brush, can help to remove a large chunk of malicious traffic on many networks. However, this tactic is not without its faults. For one, many cybercriminals may be coming from the same countries where a company does business. 

How To Make Geolocation By IP Work For You 

While geolocation by IP as a blanket strategy has its limitations, it can still be an incredibly useful tool. By combining IP filtering with policy management and network control rules in a next-generation firewall like Untangle’s, companies can filter by country, time of request, port and even more specific user characteristics, among other attributes.

In particular, this kind of advanced IP filtering can block the ability of users from a specific country from accessing particular ports, or it can block a country’s users from accessing the network at specific times. That way, businesses are more fine-tuned and specific with their filtering, helping to keep malicious traffic firmly off the network.

>> How Untangle NG Firewall protects your clients

Untangle NG Firewall incorporates geolocation by IP plus dozens of other filters, allowing you to create complex rules that ensure that only business-relevant traffic makes it onto your network. With industry-leading reports, you can drill down into all the activity on your network, including country, application, and user.

You can also custom configure alerts so you’re notified of suspicious activity and can act quickly to determine if the threat is real. With Untangle NG Firewall in place, geolocation by IP and other filters work to intelligently and efficiently safeguard your network.

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