How Untangle NG Firewall Protects Your Clients

by Abbie-Lee Hollister, on December 10, 2018

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Untangle NG Firewall provides a fast growing next-generation firewall with layer seven security - allowing MSP partners to offer a complete suite of network security applications to their clients managed through an easy to use multi-tenanted central console.
Here's a few ways that Untangle NG Firewall helps to protect your clients:    

Cloud Threat Intelligence From ScoutIQ

Untangle has integrated its cloud threat intelligence, ScoutIQ, into its NG Firewall solution. ScoutIQ identifies new and emerging attacks seen in the wild and acts as a second layer of protection to Virus Blocker, NG Firewall’s antivirus application, and Web Filter, NG Firewall’s URL categorisation and anti-malware distribution solution. All of these apps are included in Untangle's Complete Package software subscription. 

“ScoutIQ has identified and blocked over 20,000 instances of WannaCry out in the wild,” said Timur Kovalev, chief technology officer at Untangle. “We’ve seen attack attempts across both emails and malware distribution sites.”

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Blocking Malware Distribution Sites 

Customers using the Untangle free subscription do not have the benefit of ScoutIQ, and are reliant on community-contributed antivirus signatures. Customers using Web Monitor will have visibility of attempts to contact malware distribution sites, but will not be able to block those attempts.

This is beneficial for MSPs wishing to offer their clients an upgrade from the free version to the Complete Package as it will then ensure timely, ongoing protection not only from future variants of this ransomware, but from all malware.

To learn more about Untangle NG Firewall, check out the product features online and register for a free 30-day trial.



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