Untangle: Your Cloud Security Services And Customer Firewall Challenges

by Fleur Doidge, on April 29, 2021

Deploying, configuring and managing network security for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises has long been a challenge for the typical MSP -- due to limited budgets and complex enterprise-centric vendor technology focus.
Adopting the next generation of firewall technology from Untangle can make these tasks a whole lot easier.

 As Untangle technical marketing engineer Chad McNaughton explains, with Untangle you’ll benefit from a robust product stack that offers comprehensive security with deep analysis and insights, network orchestration and reliable connectivity and network performance.

"Untangle makes it easy for you to stay one step ahead -- and for your end users to stay protected from the cyber risks of today. With our cloud based centralized management console, you have access to remote monitoring and management at your fingertips," he says.

 "Untangle simply works! It is easy to deploy, configure and manage."

 Click here to watch a five-minute Untangle explained on YouTube.

 Untangle Delivers To SMB and Enterprise Capabilities

With Untangle, you gain enterprise-grade features, designed with SMBs in mind. Untangle is designed for ease of use, and is licensed with SMBs in mind.

"Our NG Firewall is an all-in-one unified threat management (UTM) solution that utilizes 'virtual pipelining' to speed up processing and filtering, rather than typical or legacy 'proxy chaining," McNaughton says.

 Because Linux (Debian) is the operating system, the software is featherweight -- which means that you (and your customer) can enjoy the best possible speeds and bandwidth across your network.

 Meanwhile, Untangle's rich and flexible reporting features streamline audit and compliance functionality, empowering you to adapt swiftly to ever-evolving requirements with the click of a few buttons.

 "Untangle, when installed, already does most of the work for you," McNaughton confirms.

 Craig Sharp, founder of successful cloud IT support specialist Abussi, deployed Untangle NG Firewall and Command Center to help the MSP serve smaller, distributed customers across the UK from its Birmingham base.

 "If a client calls us up in the middle of the night with an issue, I can simply remote access into their appliance from my computer or tablet and fix the issue within a few clicks," he enthuses, in the Untangle case study.

 A low-cost easy to deploy solution was essential -- yet as an MSP, Abussi also needed to stand ready for any IT emergency that clients might encounter.

 NG Firewall also integrates seamlessly with Untangle’s cloud-based management solution Command Center, providing Abussi with complete visibility and control across all customer networks, no matter where they are located.

 "Comparable products only cover the basics for network security, with other elements requiring additional investment of either hardware or services to get a complete solution," Sharp confirms.

 Untangle features include: global insights, deep analysis, alerts, management, remote login, and reporting. Policies can be designed and customised per user, per device or for groups -- not just for a particular day or time -- and deployed across distributed sites, with no need to physically visit each location.

 MSPs can choose from a variety of flexible deployment options which include deploying on their own hardware, deploying in the public cloud (AWS or Azure), or by choosing one of Untangle’s zSeries appliances which comes pre-configured ready for zero touch provisioning.

 A Compliant Security Solution, Tailored For Partners

Untangle delivers complete visibility, control and protection of the network for MSPs, in an all-in-one, multi-layered cost-effective solution for client satisfaction.

 It is GDPR-compliant, and incorporates two-factor authentication (2FA) cloud based centralized management for best-practice security and privacy.

 This changes the game for MSPs in line with confidentiality requirements and trends both globally and within the UK.

 Lizzie Robinson, head of QBS MSP, says that the company's own UK-based Untangle-trained technical specialist will be on hand to assist partner MSPs with Untangle.

 "We offer GBP pricing, consolidated invoicing and hardware in country -- with no custom or import fees to pay," Robinson says.

 "MSPs should take a look at Untangle's NG Firewall for its user friendly UI, easy deployment, global management console, in depth reporting, SMB friendly licensing model -- the list is endless!"

 In addition, monthly rolling contracts are available with no commitments.

 "We also offer competitive partner discounts -- not one price fits all," confirms Robinson.

Find out more about Untangle here.


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