Usecure builds security awareness focus, adds platform functionalities

by Fleur Doidge, on August 25, 2022

MSP-focused security vendor Usecure is continuing to expand the capabilities of its human risk management focused software for partners.

According to Micke Ahola, blogging for Usecure, the August update included an ability to access expired trials, beyond the previous two-week period for clients, which the vendor believes will help lift sales partly by allowing MSPs to get all the data they need to bring a customer on board.

“It allows you to demonstrate the value of the platform and show your client how easy it is for their own end users to fall for phishing scams,” he wrote.

Additionally, because sometimes an employee may need to have their training resumed, after the user has been deleted — perhaps they’ve left and returned, or been deleted by accident — MSPs can now restore deleted users, their courses, policy and phishing progress.

Also new this month: the ability to download all certificates for a user through a user’s pop-up window on the Users page, and through their uLearn report, according to Ahola.

“You may want to collect all course certificates for a user for recording or management purposes,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Usecure is developing further marketing material including white-labelled case studies and Canva templates for MSP rebranding.

The previous monthly update added parallel M365 sync queues and an ability for MSPs to automate training enrolment for users compromised by automated phishing simulations, via the Auto Phish configuration page.

“You can rest easy knowing that your most vulnerable users will receive training,” noted Ahola.

“It’s important that end users who compromise their credentials in phishing simulations receive training before a real scam lands in their inbox.”

Usecure, which focuses on automated security awareness training and tackling the “human element” of cybersecurity, says it has seen “rapid growth” in the channel over the last 18 months as it expands cloud distribution partnerships worldwide.


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