Which Of Your Customers Need Human Risk Management (HRM) Solutions From USecure?

by Fleur Doidge, on May 5, 2022

Insider risk is on the rise as the average workplace struggles to stay on top of proliferating cyberattacks -- yet research shows that human error and employee behaviours contribute to most security breaches.

With Verizon's annual data breach research finding that a massive 85% of data breaches involve the human element and negligent employees causing some 62% of security incidents, the time is ripe for a technology-based solution that addresses the problem head-on for organisations.

Enter automated Human Risk Management (HRM) from uSecure, delivering more robust protection for businesses of all sizes and sectors, incorporating a Human Risk Report (HRR) prospecting feature that helps MSPs assess customer requirements and target the solution to organisational needs.

As uSecure explains, the Human Risk Report (HRR) prospecting tool evaluates your clients' human security posture and provides a free one-page report that opens a gateway for selling your MSP services — without having to spend unnecessary time and money on sales and marketing.

Launching Human Risk Management (HRM) programmes to swiftly reduce and monitor client risk over time means partners boost their service value to the customer, by delivering sound advice as a trusted partner with real-time risk intelligence at their fingertips.

When estimates suggest that in 2021 a cyber attack took place every 11 seconds, costing the average enterprise some $3.86 million and with attacks typically taking 200 days to detect, it's clear that the standard cyber security training and education programmes that served in the past now need supplementation.

In addition, applying a clear strategic approach to human risk management means staff become fully engaged, well informed assets to the cyber security posture -- instead of potential liabilities.

From cyber threat ... to opportunity expansion

Maximise the benefits of the HRR sales prospecting tool with uSecure's sales & marketing resource hub and website lead capture widget -- ensuring customers can discover and address gaps in their cyber risk management strategy across the key assets in their organisation, now including the human element, by implementing the right HRM solution for their specific requirements.

HRR will auto-scan your clients' domain and the dark web for threats and breaches, quickly and easily launching either readily-made or custom phishing simulations.

Additionally, the uSecure HRM solution itself delivers a four-pronged approach to automating human risk management, with modules including a dark web monitoring tool for revealing how and when non-approved services are being used and whether passwords attached to employee email addresses are ending up in the wild or are being replicated across multiple platforms.

There's also a document management hub that tracks where and to whom documents have been sent as well as providing an ability to setting IT security templates and rules that can be automatically re-sent and rescheduled, reporting back to the organisation with detail on individual engagement levels and more.

With uSecure's security awareness and compliance training that grades and delivers training according to specific user requirements and the simulated phishing tool with a huge library of phishing campaigns and reports, partners are set to easily and seamlessly assist customers to improve cyber security in the enterprise.

Against an increasingly worrying backdrop of ransomware and other cyber threats, organisations and employees alike can be empowered with the know-how to work anywhere safely, without unnecessary restriction.

Explore the world's most administration-light and cost-effective solution for mitigating employee cyber risk and driving secure user behaviour - uSecure from QBS:MSP, with lifetime NFR licenses.


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