How to decide which TeamViewer subscription is best for you

by Lizzie Robinson, on October 19, 2018

TeamViewer is designed with ease in mind; with its smart and transparent licensing model it is easy to understand the differences between options. There are three different subscription types – Business, Premium and Corporate, depending on the needs of the end user. And each time you move to the next license type, there is a clear upgrade in the features and benefits of the license type. 
The Key Differences Between TeamViewer Subscriptions:
All license types can connect to unlimited endpoints; the main difference between subscriptions is the number of licensed users and concurrent users (otherwise known as channels). A business license is a single user license, so it only needs its one session channel. This license type can be activated on up to three devices.
Alternatively, premium and corporate licenses are multi user licenses, with up to 50 and up to 200 licensed users respectively. However, where a premium license has one session channel, a corporate license has three, meaning up to three users can start a session at the same time. 
Working Out Your Number Of Users: 
You will need to determine how many people will be initiating an outgoing connection. Following that you need to work out how many of these will need to have an active connection at the same time (concurrent users). 
Premium and corporate licenses also come with user connection reporting and servicecamp integrated service desk; with a premium license including three agents and a corporate including five.
Customers can expand on the number of staff agents at any time by purchasing agents as add ons. In addition to everything included in the premium license, a corporate subscription further contains mass deployment, device connection reporting, the TeamViewer MSI package and priority support from TeamViewer’s technical support staff.
Each TeamViewer subscription has a breakdown of its additional features, so it's easy to determine which licence type you will require.
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