Why Independent, Ecosystem Focused RMM is the Future

by Rick Yates, on December 1, 2017


In Spring 2016, we sat down around a table and had a very open, frank conversation about the RMM market in the UK.

As an MSP focused, cloud solutions distributor we knew that it was essential to build a leading Remote Monitoring and Management platform into our portfolio for Managed Service Providers. However, our key challenge was to find an RMM that was built for the future. Something that would evolve, grow and not just respond to the market, but was already prepared for where the market was heading.


To this day, we see household names in the RMM space chopping and changing ownership, being acquired, outsourcing UK and Europe customer services functions to India, bolting on unrequired feature sets that turn RMM platforms into unmanageable goliaths that make even the most competent and experienced Technical Directors sweat. We knew that we needed to stay away from legacy driven technology platforms.


So, we contacted Ninja RMM. At the time NinjaRMM was a couple of years old. Founded by a small group of silicon valley visionaries straight out of PacketTrap, Dell and Anchor, the pedigrees of the architects spoke for themselves. Taking a lean approach to the development of a superslick RMM, Ninja had signed 1000 MSPs in the US in their first year. The growth was astounding. We were incredibly impressed. We knew that we needed to find a way to bring this product to the UK and Europe.


There are three very important aspects that make NinjaRMM click for the MSP market.



NinjaRMM is the easiest tool we could find. You can onboard a technical team in less than an hour and the sub 250kb install file makes deployment a breeze. The industry leading integration with TeamViewer allows NinjaRMM users to make use of the worlds best remote connect solution as standard.



NinjaRMM isn’t trying to be a jack of all trades. It is succeeding at being an excellent RMM and it is allowing vendors that are brilliant at other things such as endpoint protection, data backup, remote connect and PSA to come and join the party under their own banners and integrate into the solution.  They are building a proverbial pick and mix for MSPs, and it is working. This allows MSPs to decide which tools they use as part of their NinjaRMM package, they are not limited to mediocre quality functionality.



Success as a vendor in the MSP space in this day and age is all about understanding that MSPs need flexibility. NinjaRMM gives MSPs the choice of the tools they use and the term they sign for. It is possible to sign from anything as little as a month up to 3 years, with incentives for partners who want to commit for a year or more. Additional products can be bundled in at any time with ease and partners will not be greeted with challenges and a sharp intake of breath when they want to make a change. The culture is that you get what you need, when you need it from people you trust.



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